Hi everyone,

We are the BiPolar Bear Studio and this is our first project.

The current name is Ik. The idea was to make a game based on a puzzle survive sistem, where the player would have to pass by a dungeon, climb up level by level, dealing with the challenges he would find in his way.

In this Demo we show twenty tutorial levels, where you can find the basic gameplay and have an idea how the game works. We didn't aply here very complex puzzles saving that for the final version.

Our major goal here is to disseminate the project and make people know us. So, soon, we'll be able to release it as a mobile game.

Take a look, we hope you like it.

We are raising funds on Indiegogo if you like the game help us (link)

Click here to play

And you can see our preogress on sourceforge (here)

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